Editing Basics Online

Editing Basics Online

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aking the photo is only half of the photography process. Sitting on your camera is a raw image no different than the negative in the days of film camera, that now needs to be to be developed!

This 3 hour one on one online course will cover the basics of editing in general. Participants should have Adobe Lightroom but the ideas can be applied to any editing program.   

Followed by feedback on three images edited by the participant

Topics covered 

1. Determining the focal point 
2. How to crop your images
3. Editing light and color
4. Minimizing distractions
5. Directing the viewers attention 
6. Masking
7. Optimizing for prints and social media 

This program is offered in real time online and I lead you through each step and answer questions. Scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

25% discount when signing up in a group of 3 or more people (3 workshops need to be in the same cart to receive discount). 

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