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photo of Donna Feledichuk

I am an educator by profession and a wife, a mother and grandmother by choice. For over two decades I have spent my days in the service of others through teaching, I enjoy when there is that spark of I got it, that a-ha moment I see my students' eyes. While I love my time in the classroom, I love the solitude, tranquility, and beauty of being immersed in the great outdoors even more. Nature has been my classroom, every day I step outside, I learn something, a new call, a new behaviour, a new interaction, and I see a new world. A world that gives me hope, a world where the stresses of my daily life have little meaning and fall away, a world where time seems to have little meaning, and yet at other times means everything, a world I feel compelled to share through photos. The majority of my photos are taken in the region where I live in Northern Alberta in the beautiful Boreal Forest

The Boreal Forest to me is the last great forest on earth. Over my more than fifty years of existence on this planet, I have seen the acidification of the oceans, the rapid shrinking of the rain forest, the warming of our planet. The Boreal Forest is important to life as we know it. It may not have the lions and tigers, whales, or polar bears that other regions have and that makes us all long for a trip to a far off location to view these majestic animals, but the animals that live here, their stories, are just as important and just as majestic and deserve to be shared. My passion is to tell and honour their story through my lens. Having lived in the Boreal Forest almost all my adult life the educator in me feels compelled to share its story and showcase the majestic creatures that call it home.

To bring the issues facing the wildlife in the Boreal Forest to a wider audience I became a photography team member of the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective. The collective's objective is to promote conservation and science education through the production of strong, thought-provoking visual content. The group consists of photographers from across Canada who work to bring forward conservation issues and to reach, inform and engage a much wider audience. I hope that by telling the story of the wildlife I encounter and sharing the stories told by my team members it inspires more conservation efforts.

I have dabbled in photography for over 30 years and bought my first Pentax camera in 1989.  Today I shoot my photos with a Pentax K1 ii, very durable for the cold Canadian winters, and a Canon EOS R5. My photos have won awards, but more so I hope they tell the story of our forest. 

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