The Battle is Real

fine art photography photo of deer in winterDeer in winter

If you spend enough time observing wildlife you also see their very real struggles for survival. From the battle between prey and predator, the quickly changing climate, and combating the impact of human behaviour each individual of every species spends its day focused on finding shelter, finding food and surviving another day. 

Fine art photography bald eagleEagle and eaglet

As I observe from behind my lens, I witness a moment in their lives, perhaps an effort to move through deep snow, a mother bringing food to its young, the quick movement of a hare to avoid the clutches of a fox, a young elf calf suckling from its mom, a goose sitting on its eggs, the circle of life continues all around us. 

Fine art photography - fox kit in front of denFox kit in front of its den

I share the images of their lives so as we move through our daily lives we do not forget the others that share this planet with us. Sometimes we are so tied up in our own trials and tribulations that it is easy to be oblivious to the larger world around us. Being in nature and experiencing right in front of you the circle of life, the power of the planet, the wonder of new life each spring, there are many stories and many struggles. Whether it's a robin, a porcupine, a whitetail deer, a red squirrel, or a black bear, each has a role in its ecosystem and each has a story, and each spends its day foraging, hunting, simply surviving. Whether our life is short or long on this planet we play a role and we all have our own battles. Each story is important, a moment in time that shapes this planet we all call home. 



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