2023 A Year In Review

great gray owlA recent encounter with a great gray owl

As I reflect on the incredible journey that 2023 has been for my photography business, I am filled with immense gratitude for each one of you who played a part, big or small, in the successes we achieved together.

elk in river at sunsetA bull elk at sunset photographed in Jasper National Park

This year has been a tapestry of wonderful experiences—meeting exceptional clients and fellow photographers, capturing award-winning photos, exploring new landscapes, and contributing significantly to conservation efforts in Canada. Your support has been the driving force behind my ability to continue doing what I love and advocating for the incredible stories of the Boreal Forest wildlife.

One of the highlights of this year was the opportunity to share my passion for photography through teaching. Being a teacher by nature and profession, it was immensely rewarding to work with both new and returning clients, witnessing their growth and even seeing some of them achieve local and national recognition. Empowering others to experience wildlife in new ways and share their stories has been a fulfilling endeavor that contributes to the growing awareness of wildlife conservation.

capuchin monkey on a treeA capuchin monkey photographed on one of the ranches currently being restored to support tourism 

Traveling to various locations, from familiar spots in Alberta to the breathtaking landscapes of Brazil, provided not only stunning photographic opportunities but also valuable connections with fellow photographers. Despite my preference for solitude in the field, engaging with others has been a source of inspiration and fresh ideas.

jaguar stalking in the riverA mature male jaguar stalking a younger male in the Pantanal

The journey to Brazil was particularly eye-opening, offering a firsthand view of the heartbreaking consequences of rainforest deforestation. This experience heightened my commitment to conservation, reinforced by the positive impact wildlife can have on restoring ecosystems. As we traveled the Pantanal I learned that numerous ranchers were starting to reforest significant areas of their properties to encourage wildlife to return. Ranchers are learning there is more money in tourism than cattle.so many ranches are being turned into ecotourist resorts and natural habitats restored. This gave me hope for the rainforest and wildlife in Brazil. What I witnessed in Brazil was outlined in a show I recently watched called Jaguarland which talked about the significance of the jaguar once hunted in Brazil and now protected, in increasing tourism to 1M visitors annually to the Pantanal and how the jaguar is changing the economy and protecting the diversity of the region.

fox jumping
My top winning photo of 2023 awarded Top 100 in NANPA Showcase 2024, one of the image in the Finalist for Nature Photographer of the Year and Travel Photographer of the Year. 

In the realm of photo contests, this year marked a pinnacle in my career. I saw success in either being shortlisted to the finals, being a finalist, winning an award or winning the contest in every contest I entered except one. Highlights included being a finalist in the portfolio category of Nature Photographer of the Year and in Travel Photographer of the Year (winners to be announced in January), having a Top 100 image in North American Nature Photography Association and winning the Grand Prize in Nature Canada’s Photo Contest. The recognition gained through awards and publications not only boosts my credibility as a wildlife photographer but also extends the reach of conservation messages. Donating my works to various nonprofits, participating in campaigns like "Crossing Paths" (https://www.theccpc.ca/crossing-paths) with my work in the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective and contributing directly to conservation organizations have been endeavors I take immense pride in.

Nature Canada winning image
The Nature Canada 2023 Photo Contest Winner

The realization of my long-held goals, of a winning major photo contests with a great gray owl image and being published in Canadian Geographic were achieved this year. My Nature Canada win and upcoming publication in the special edition Best Wildlife Photography 2023 saw these goals met. My professional goals were further exceeded with a publication in BBC Earth Wildlife Magazine and BBC Earth acquiring rights to publish digitally another one of my images. I truly believe this is a testament to my cumulative efforts of the past years.

BBCEarth published imageGrizzly Bear image that was published in BBC Earth Magazine

As I count down my top 10 favorite images of 2023 on my Facebook page and Instagram account, I find myself reminiscing about memorable encounters with porcupines in the snow, capturing the essence of a red fox family, achieving my best snowy owl photo to date, and experiencing the awe-inspiring presence of jaguars in Brazil.

Looking ahead to 2024, I am excited for new photo opportunities, meeting more incredible individuals, and continuing to contribute to wildlife conservation through my work. Your ongoing support fuels my passion, and I am truly grateful for the community that surrounds and uplifts me on this journey.

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