My Awards

Contest winnerCoastal brown bear at sunrise Top100 WildART photographer of the year in the category of Light, Top100 Remember Bears publication photo contest, Top 250 North American Nature Photography Association 2023 Showcase, finalist in the 2021 Natural World Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest, winner Sun Kissed Contest Advanced Category Journal of Wildlife Photography

My wildlife photography is really an effort in conservation. I take photos to document and tell the stories of the wildlife of the boreal forest. I hope by telling their stories it helps in conservation efforts. So you might ask why I enter photo contests.  I enter contests to raise my profile in order to have more reach and more impact on conservation. The more my work is followed on my website, social media channels and newsletter subscribers the more people hear the stories. Awards help people find out about you, build trust in the work you do and increase your following. 

I have been recognized in the following International Photo Contests

  • Winner, Advanced Category, Sun Kissed Contest, Journal of Wildlife Photography
  • Top 5 Nature Canada Photo Contest 2023
  • Finalist Nature Photographer of the Year 2023 
  • Top 100 WildArt Photographer of the Year in the categories Airborne and Colour 2023
  • Finalist Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2023
  • Finalist Bird Photographer of the Year, 2023
  • Top 250 Share the View International Nature Photo Contest, 2022
  • Top 250, North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), Showcase 2023
  • Commended WildArt Photographer of the Year in the category of eyes, 2022 
  • Photographer of the Month, Universe of Colour, August 2022, October 2022
  • Finalist in 2022 Nature TTL Photographer of the Year
  • Top 100 Remembering Bears publication contest 2022
  • Top 100 Wildart Photographer of the Year in the categories of light, wet, silhouettes, eyes, human nature and space 2022
  • Semi-Finalist Nature's Best Photography International Awards 2021
  • Top 100 Wildart Photography in the categories of monochrome 2021
  • Finalist 2021 Natural World Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest

I have been recognized in the following Canadian Photo Contests

  • Top 50 Nature Canada Photo Contest 2022
  • Le Parisien (print version) April 2023
  • The Times (online) April 2023
  • NANPA Expressions 2023
  • Canadian Wildlife Federation Calendar 2021 and 2024

It is not easy making the more common animals of the boreal forests such as foxes, owls, moose, deer and bears stand out in International photo contests. They are in competition against gorillas, whales, polar bears, lions, elephants, and cheetahs. I try to increase the profile of these animals through these contests and present them in new and exciting ways that evoke emotion and connect with the judges. 

two page photo spread of a great gray owl in Le Parisien April 2023Two page photo spread in Le Parisien April 2023

Commended Great Grey Owl photo

Great Gray Owl, Commended WildArt Photography in the category of eyes, 2022