My Story

me beachI am an educator by profession and a wildlife photographer by choice. For over two decades I have spent my days in the service of others through teaching, While I love my time in the classroom, I love the solitude, tranquility, and beauty of being immersed in the great outdoors even more. Nature has been my classroom. Every day I step outside, I learn something, a new call, a new behaviour, a new interaction, and I see a new world. A world that gives me hope, a world where time seems to have little meaning, and yet at other times means everything, a world I feel compelled to share through photos. 

The Boreal Forest to me is the last great forest on earth. I am passionate about conservation and responsible stewardship and use my photographs to educate others about the importance of preserving the Boreal Forest. My work captures the struggles and triumphs of the wildlife as they navigate the harsh extremes of the changing Canadian seasons. Through what I hope is viewed as powerful imagery, I give a voice to the often overlooked and voiceless inhabitants of the northern forest, highlighting their vulnerability to inspire meaningful change.  

To bring the stories of the wildlife in the Boreal Forest to a wider audience I became a photography team member of the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective. The collective's objective is to promote conservation and science education through the production of strong, thought-provoking visual content. The group consists of photographers from across Canada who work to bring forward conservation issues and to reach, inform and engage a much wider audience. I also donate my work to different organizations to bring awareness to various projects and issues, most recently 100 for the Ocean. My primary focus is bringing to the forefront the challenges of the woodland caribou whose numbers continue to decline despite over two decades of conservation efforts.

Image courtesy of Heidi Ferguson

My work has been exhibited globally and featured in publications like BBC Wildlife and Canadian Geographic. I have been recognized in many major international photo contest, and in 2023 I was named one of the Top 16 wildlife photographers in Canada by Influencer Digest +. Despite all the accolades my work has garnered most importantly I hope it tells the story of our forest. 

I strive to provide the upmost quality in all my products and am happy to work with you to meet your needs. To view my portfolio of work please visit my gallery

Thank you for visiting. By investing in my prints, you support my mission to raise awareness about the Boreal Forest and its majestic wildlife. Bring home a meaningful piece of nature photography and join the effort to protect our natural world for future generations.