Limited Edition Print Sizing and Shipping


All prints are unframed but have been sized specifically to fit with common and readily available framing sizes. This makes it possible to purchase a frame directly from your local design store and provide a  visually aesthetical display of the art customized to your space. Small, medium, and large prints all are printed with a border making handling and framing easier. 

Custom framing is highly recommended for extra-large prints. There is no printed border, so the frame needs to fit perfectly and special care is needed to bring the print to its fullest potential in your space.

SMALL (editions of 50)

Perfect to style up your office, desk, countertop or even bathroom. Be creative and group these smaller prints to make a bold statement. 

Image Size 8" x 12"   (203mm x 305mm) 
Total Print Size 10" x 14"  (214mm x 315mm) 1 inch border for handling
Frame Best suited to a 12" x 16" frame with a mat opening of  8" x 12" 

 Small Print Size Illustration

 MEDIUM (editions of 40)

Great in pairs to bring strong visual appeal to your space.

Image Size (mat opening)  16" x 24"   (407mm x 610mm) 
Total Print Size 19" x 17"  (422mm x 625mm) 1.5 inch border for handling
Frame Best suited to a 20" x 30" frame with a mat opening of 16" x 24" 

 Medium size print illustration with image and border size illustrated 

 LARGE (editions of 25)

 A stand-alone print size suitable for most living spaces.

Image Size (mat opening)  24" x 36"   (609mm x 914mm) 
Total Print Size 27" x 39"  (635mm x 939mm) 1.5 border for handling
Frame Best suited to a 30" x 40" frame with a mat opening of  24" x 36" 

  Large print size with image and border illustrated

 EXTRA LARGE (editions of 5)

The ultimate print for a living space. This massive and incredibly high-quality print is a showstopper. These signature prints set the ambiance for the rest of the décor. 

Image Size 40" x 60"   (1016mm x 1524mm) 
Total Print Size 40" x 60"   (1016mm x 1524mm) no border
Frame Best suited to a 40" x 60" frame or custom framing 

Please note that I do not provide frames or framed prints.


Free worldwide shipping from The Print Shop UK. Prints are shipped in either a reinforced tube or crumble proof packaging to ensure safe delivery. Allow 48 - 72 hours for processing your order and 5-10 business days depending on your location for shipping. You will receive notice when your print has been shipped. 

Estimate shipping times

  • Europe 3-5 business days
  • North American 7-9 business days
  • Rest of World Up to 10 business days

Free shipping only applies to limited edition prints, orders containing both limited edition prints and other items from the store will be charged shipping on the remaining items. Dependent on country applicable duties/taxes may be charged.